My tour to UPM as part of Putera MIC's #OlaCampus gave me the opportunity to meet about 30 Indian students who were an intriguing bunch.

As part of our plans to engage the students, many different topics were discussed. The 3 main message I shared with them were focused on the students themselves and the ways they can play a role in community empowerment.

I managed to convey my thoughts on why university students should do more community centric programs which went down well. I also spoke to them on the common problems which the students may encounter and assured them that they can always find a friend in Putera MIC.

Moving on to answer several questions on Tamil school education and Indian participation in Malaysian public/ private education systems

Thank you to the students of UPM for hosting us and we will be seeing you often. Till then, let's #MoveForward #PuteraMIC