Statement for Racial Assault Victim

Statement for Racial Assault Victim

Putera MIC strictly condemns the assault of Fire Department Officer, Mohd Adip, 24. This unruly, uncalled for act is not only against any religious beliefs but also a form of instigation which is against the fundamentals of this great nation. A true Malaysian will never fall into the traps of any racially-charged act.

Putera MIC urges the authorities to investigate the case thoroughly and charge the criminals in accordance to the rule of law. Justice must always prevail. Malaysians should cooperate to ensure peace and harmony is not lost. Stop sharing instigating videos which does not help to solve the matter in hand.

We pray for the fast recovery of our brother, Mohd Adip and look forward for him to continue his noble service to the country we love. #PrayForAdip

27th November 2018